The NMAAT – the NM African American Tobacco Prevention Network began as an offshoot of the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Abuse (ATODA) coalition. It was one of the collaboratives operating to improve the health of NM residents.  NMAAT’s current Lead Facilitator, Kenneth Winfrey, LCSW, became associated with the entity in 2003, working with Excel Educational Enterprises, Inc., Mary Juzang was the Executive Director.

In 2004, NMAAT worked with Coletta Reid and Associates and the NM Department of Health to develop TUPAC’s Disparities Strategy Plan.  TUPAC is the Department’s Tobacco Use, Prevention And Control Program. This Plan clarified the commitment to populations experiencing health disparities and integrates an anti-oppression approach with an intention towards health equity.  This work spearheaded the development of Fierce Pride, NMAAT, DAGAT-People Experiencing Disabilities Against Tobacco, and engaged critical, local partners such as the Asian Family Center, the Chronic Disease Prevention Council of New Mexico, and many others.

In 2008 OrgAgents became facilitators of the NMAAT. In their first year of the multi-year initiative, under the auspices of Community Health Charities, OrgAgents, its partners and subcontractors laid the groundwork for a strong, inclusive, and sustainable network. We are excited to put this vast knowledge and experience to work to eliminate health disparities in NM’s African American communities.

Current Leadership

NMAAT is currently being managed by Umoja Behavioral Health, PC which was founded in 2018 by Kenneth Winfrey.  NMAAT currently provides materials, information and education to businesses and schools about the smoking cessation alternatives available to residents in the state. We especially encourage African Americans to figure out alternatives to smoking and vaping and we hope to present as many options as we can to EVERYONE in the state!

In 2019, the NMAAT members voted to allow UBH to lead the competitive application process and it was subsequently awarded the contract to continue supporting wellness directives for African Americans in New Mexico and throughout the communities in which they live. 

For more about Umoja Behavioral Health, please go to our website at www.umojawellness.com.

Community Outreach

NMAAT has consistently provided activities, virtual and live workshops and events throughout New Mexico since 2004.  No Menthol Sundays are an example of work to specifically support NM African Americans.

Each year NMAAT connects with different churches and is continuously reaching new people. In 2018, a minister not only used material in our sermons, but also shared them with his large following on social media. NMAAT outreach engages not only the church community directly, but also reaches more broadly as the church members who are influencers spread the word through their other social connections.

Other examples of community-based events showcasing NMAAT’s outreach include Juneteenth and Black Expo. In 2018-19, the NMAAT developed content for an educational traveling display to be used with partners across the African American community. We are still seeking locations throughout the state where we might be invited to exhibit our display. Connect with us if you are interested in assisting us with an opportunity!

In 2019 we engaged the New Mexico African American Artists’ Guild to help design a mobile exhibit for presentations and events. Its theme is “Black Wellness” and it is designed to not only net a great exhibit space, but also engages the communities’ vision of its best destiny.

Network Members

Membership in NMAAT is free and open to those working in, for and with African Americans in New Mexico. Our current members include representatives from Umoja Behavioral Health, Albuquerque Public Schools Black Student Union, the Albuquerque NAACP, and the Greater Albuquerque African American Chamber of Commerce, Diabetes Diva and Coaching, LLC, Highlands University, University of New Mexico – Dept of Education, NM Artists of the African Diaspora, and other community stakeholders and public health leaders.

Coordination with National African American Leaders

The National African American Tobacco Prevention Network (NAATPN) is an important partner for New Mexico. This organization works to facilitate development and implementation of comprehensive, culturally competent public health programs to benefit communities and people of African descent.