NMAAT: Virtual Health Fair – Father’s Day 2020 (June 14)


The NMAAT Free2BMe Virtual Health Fair 2020 is a community building, online event meant to inspire NM families and residents to pay greater attention to their physical, financial and overall health and to encourage tobacco and vaping cessation among African Americans throughout the state.


The Virtual FAIR is LIVE!



Virtual Workshops


  • Real Time, Live, Interactive Workshops
  • Recorded Messages from Healthcare and Multi-Sector Businesses
  • Website information with Resources, Data and Free Stuff

What’s Happening


Prerecorded Videos from Healthcare Providers & Other Businesses 


These workshops are recorded from local NM businesses and providers who want to encourage our residents to take better care of themselves, physically, emotionally and financially!

  • Oral Hygiene
  • Diabetes Management
  • Family Fiscal Health
  • Online Healthcare
  • Providers (Telehealth)
  • Concierge Medical Care
  • Behavioral Health
  • Providers
  • QUIT Line Services for Families and Youth

Virtual Workshops


NMAAT is accepting pre-recorded video shorts (15mins or less) urging our NM neighbors to consider living healthier lives. Whether from African American community leaders, artists, youth, entrepreneurs or other New Mexico residents – What makes you choose to live without tobacco products?

We can accept submissions via the following;

  • Format: Mp4, mpg or mpeg
  • Video Quality: Minimum 720p (1080p preferred)
  • Frame rate: minimum 24fps

Videos can be sent to info@nmaatp.com or uploaded to an external server (i.e. YouTube). The owners of videos that are selected will be emailed with additional information related to their submission.

Website information with Resources, Data and Free Stuff!

Participants will be encouraged to review the NMAAT website at www.nmaatp.com to discover the many videos and resources available to help them live healthy, informed and active lives.
This includes Data and Statistics about smoking and vaping in NM, free stuff for the Curious Minded and links to healthcare providers, businesses and healthcare practitioners that are prepared to assist NM residents live their best lives without tobacco and vaping. 

Main Sponsors:


A coalition of Organizations and Entrepreneurs who are working to educate our neighbors in NM to learn more about the dangers of smoking and vaping. Operating since 2004.

We provide materials, information and education to businesses and schools about the smoking cessation alternatives available to residents in the state.


A behavioral health agency that integrates Kemetic yoga with Linda James Myers’ Optimal Psychology framework. These interventions are designed to encourage Wellness and an intentional framework that is effective across several diagnostic presentations. These theoretical framework are relevant for people of color and encourage cultural humility, even among our own staff and partners.


Life Re-Created provides therapy for children, teens, adults and seniors, individuals, families and couples. While the focus of Life Re-Created is provision of disability sensitive psychotherapy for persons who have a sensory or motor disability or a chronic illness, we also provide pregnancy related mental health services during and after birth. Life Re-Created also provides general mental health services including individual, couples, and family therapy.